Varla Eagle One Review – This 40MPH Electric scooter is AMAZING!

Well, i approximate i’ve got to come this done eventually , no time like the present grab me helmet and uh yeah i’ve been putting this off for a while because it’s pretty safe to say i’m not going to come far on this scooter. So this is the the varla eagle one and um there’s no repudiating it. I am absolutely 110 gon na do stopped on this thing. If a prowl car passes me, i’m screwed they’re going to take it off me. There’S no doubt about it.

I’Ll probably employed some depicts up on the screen testify because you probably can’t really tell just how large-scale and beastly this is maybe where it sat on its own, so i’ll put up something on the screen. So you can see this compared to the other e-scooters that i’ve ridden damn it’s nice, but um. I don’t see me obstructing this for long. I is also likely apologize to varla because they were right to not want to send me the scooter. They didn’t want to send me in the end, and i get in a little bit of bad feeling and uh convinced them to send me it and now that i’ve actually got it here in real life, yeah yeah yeah.

I don’t fancy my probabilities so anyway, i’m gon na take you for here i’m gon na try. I need to try and get across the opposite side of town. Take you learn my new patronize and uh yeah fingers intersected. We can get there and back. Let’S go for a travel all right, guys how you all doing very well, i hope so.

First off, i need to apologize to varla the makers of this scooter and demonstrate a little bit of background on how i intention up with this high-end beast of an e-scooter. You see this is kind of like the opposite of a sponsored video, because even though i did get this scooter sent to me free of charge, i can assure you that varla did not want to send me it at one point. They merely told me simply that i was no longer going it due to the current political circumstances in the uk and well to say that i was disappointed would be an understatement. I was really pretty disturbed and i did make varla well known pee-pee it was. I intend varla replied with a follow-up email excuse further the situation directed me to videos showing how the police in the uk were cracking down on regular e-scooters.

So they didn’t think it would be a good doctrine to send me such a demon of a scooter. Well, how can i set this? I kinda um insisted that they routed it to me anyway, damn candidly, i’m just laughter because i’m fearful but like genuinely, i feel so bad about it now, because i’m well. I’M too embarrassed to show you my email that i sent to them, but you’ve got to understand that varla first offered me this scooter over, like they offered me a month earlier predicting me a transmission appointment in june. It was only when that bringing time progressed that i contacted varla to see what the hold up was and that’s when they knifed me, and the nerve were the bad news.

I already mentioned in a previous video that i was getting it. I was clearly pretty excited about it and it was easily going to be the best scooter that i’ve ever remembered. So when they told me i wasn’t getting it anymore, i proper spat the dummy out like a spoiled child. I think i think, oh boy, i think right, i think i said something virally to the effect of oh i’ll, still do a video about varla, but it won’t be a good one. I think i’ll be recommending the zero 10 x instead which, if you don’t know, is pretty much an same scooter, albeit a little bit more expensive.

But can you imagine the feeling, though, like imagine being told that you’ve just won a competition for a brand new car and you confirm that it’s legit uh, the transmission time is set for 1 month last-minute, you’re all excited for a whole month and then on the Delivery day, you’re informed that you’re no longer getting the car anymore. For um grounds, you would be a bit miffed right so after procreating it clear just how annoyed i was and pointing out that everything was on hold, apprehending the reaching off this scooter in the first place and after assuring them that i had lots of places. I can razz without getting any fus. Well, varla changed their thoughts. They must have just thought to themselves or give the entitled little the scooter, stop him crying about it and well here it is chaps the varla eagle one [, Music,][ Music ], and this is a 100 lost forwards experience.

I can predict you that 40 km / hour on an e-scooter is no joke people , not that i can testify to that really, because the most my nerves have allowed me to go so far is 34 km / hour, i’m in no hurry-up to skirt my nature Back into hospital, although saying that this scooter is built for high speeds, this is this stable, a scooter, as you could hope. For i convey this thing is solid. The travel ordeal is just next statu compared to anything that i’ve remembered before well. This is not actually a review video for grounds which will become clear at the end of this video, so this is merely just a first impressions, video and my justification to varla so varla uh. I am sorry like “i know i m” genuinely sorry.

You were right to not want to send me this, as i’m pretty certain that the first prowl car that’s going to pass me is going to pull me over if not confiscate the scooter they’re at least going to make sure i understand not to be riding it In public again, i am aware, because of looking at my footage that this scooter on movie perhap doesn’t look that over the top or daunting, but in real world people, it’s a different floor. This is not subtle, like a xiaomi, a high boy or any other entry-level e-scooters. Those e-scooters i’d ride relatively comfortably through major municipalities, knowing that the police don’t give me a second look. At least that’s been my own experience. However, it’s not going to be the same on the varla eagle one.

I aim this bad boy gazes massive compared to all previous e-scooters. I’Ve had even exactly getting on it feels like i’m climbing onto the deck rather than stepping on it and the dominance on this thing. You has got no idea. This scooter actually arrives rapidity is limited to about 20 km / hour, but it’s super easy to open. You don’t need any apps or anything extra.

You really use the headed menu on the control controls then, once you’ve fixed it to full power, you can unleash the ga potential by switching on the dual motors and turbo. Now you have a 40 mile per hour, off-road capable demon. It’S it’s good! It’S good! Talking about off-road the varla eagle, one can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

In my initial four mile evaluation travel, i went over country ways, very rough pothole, ridden grass, gravel, bmx moves, beach, etc, and thanks to this awesome front and rear postponement, i never even felt a hump. I make this suspension is pretty crazy right. I represent look at the move on this. The adjournment feels phoned in just perfect , no need to make any adjustments. As far as i’m concerned – and “i m loving” the sort of vigorous ogle – that the postponement has.

The build quality is just amazing. There’S not a single sound. Knock vibration, squeal wobble! Well, i tell a lie. The buttock mud guard does make a slight knocking reverberated when you’re going over bumpy terrain , not because it’s hitting off anything or any defect.

It’S simply because of the channel it’s fixed and the fact it’s plastic. If you weren’t ride in the way, i’d probably just remove the mud guard absolutely, because it can be a little bit distracting but other than the mud guard thing. This is absolutely speechles when razzing simply you’ve got that nice amiable hum in the electric motor the the construct character is fantastic in every lane which you would expect for the price tag. I suspect because this does retail for approximately 1599 or really under 1200 huge british pounds now that is a lot of fund for a knee scooter granted. But at the same time, if you do have the budget, then it’s an amazing price for what you’re actually going bear in mind that the closest competition is the 010 x scooter which is like a hundred dollars more.

But now the varla eagle one. It’S a bit more smoothed and it has like some nice customization alternatives. Now, i’m just going to rattle through what i think are the most important things to tell you about the scooter before letting you know whether or not i think you should actually buy one first off the scooter weighs a ton i imply when it arrived left outside. I didn’t even think i’d be able to select it up at all with my two dodgy forearms, but i munch a bit of spinach or should i say i chew my haggis beforehand and bob’s your uncle. I get indoors i’m not even joking how about that em in my justification, i’ve got a moved shoulder one appendage and a smash limb on my other arm.

So i’m a bit weak, careful, oh [, Music, ],[ Applause ]! You want me to help only push it. Alright, let’s go. Let’S depart it’s only like 40 kilos or something this was the most stimulated. I’Ve ever been unboxing any scooter.

It was no easy undertaking get out of the box. I can tell you, but overall the unboxing experience was very nice. Not exclusively could i tell in an instant that this was really well compiled, but the little surprises like the additional usage, deck skins and the included figure armour paraphernalium. You know your shoulder pads knee pads and they’re , not bad quality, either so yeah. If you actually buy this from varla’s website, you can choose a free endowment, whether it be a second charger for faster charging or perhaps a handlebar bag, or a light.

It’S up to you, i think every purchase includes a spare inner tube, which i may or may not be appreciative for by the end of this video but yeah. Overall, the unboxing is a terribly premium know. Not merely are you able customize the exact placement of the handlebars, but you are eligible to have like the brakes, the throttle, the preceded readouts all rotated to exactly where you want them. Whatever feels most comfortable to you, you are eligible to even wholly replace the handlebars for something different. If you want, but i’m more than happy with what we have here, is standard now wait till you examine the actual specs of this scooter, like my divinity right.

First off the varla eagle, one has dual centre engines: each of them, 1 000 watts they’re, going to push you to moves of 40 miles per hour. Easy! That’S like 65 kph. It will likewise very easily climb ascents, say, like 30 severities, but i think it organizes even steeper than that. It carries a 52 volt 18.

amp hour lithium ion battery, given a range of up to 40 miles 10 inch pneumatic, tires breast and rear pass breast and rear active postponement. It can carry up to 145 kilogram loads and, as i mentioned before, it’s got the most amazing upgraded hydraulic brakes for unbeatable discontinue lengths, don’t expect to simply carry this onto a bus or any public transport, or even up a skittish stairs. In fact, this thing will not even likely fit in the boot of your vehicle, which is likely to framed some people off, because i know i generally quite are happy to put my scooter in my automobile and “re going away” far for a journey. I won’t be able to do this with the varla, but leaved its assortment is 40 miles, instead of the 14 miles that i’m used to, then i can probably just do the whole journey on the varla without the need for a car regardles. The varla eagle one has a few riding modes: okay, listen up, you can choose to have only the rear engine active which will help you conserve battery and be enhanced your range.

You can have both the front and rear motors active, but have them running in eco mode or you can switch it up to turbo mode. Alongside this right, you’ve got three quicken sets on the control conducted, which will vary depending on the eco or turbo mode. That you’re, use the left side of the handlebars, is where you switch between your turbo and eco and your dual engine modes, which at times, can feel a bit like. So it goes without saying that protective gear is indispensable when going the varla eagle one as well as your pads, i think a full face. Helmet meets the most sense, because if you come off a scooter at 40 km / hour, it’s not going to be a nice experience to say the least.

The helmet i’m using is a stupendous helmet. I’Ve employed nothing else since the day i got it. It’S the bell super breeze, r and i’ll leave a link for that in the description along with some other must-have scooter supplements. I is also likely talk a little more about the suspension as it’s obviously one of the most standout the characteristics of this scooter. The adjournment can be adjusted, but it’s not something that i’ve messed with yet.

My first impressions, as i said earlier, is that it’s dialed in just perfectly: it’s not too soft, it’s not very hard-bitten, and i experienced it doing. Jumps and bunny. Hops is really quite fun. If you catch some breath on the scooter, then the arrival is always so sweet. In general, the ride is super smooth.

It really feels enormous, probably helped by the fact that, on the varla we also have a very wide deck compared to what i’m used to the grip on the replaceable floor clothe. It’S, it’s really good. Your feet are not going to slip or slip or move around when riding [, Music,] and uh what else uh? Okay, something else already mentioned before finishing up like i say this is just the first impressions and i hope to be able to do a proper review on this later down. The front is that the tires are air replenished, which means that you’re clearly going to be more prone to punctures, which is exactly what happened to me after only four miles of travelling , no doubt just bad bad.

Bad luck! In fact, i actually caught the criminal on movie, which you can see just about now. Oh look at that little bugger, i didn’t even realize i had a flat tire until just after trying to leave my patronize about 20 minutes later, there’s my browse there’s my phone. All liberty, this is why we constituted it across city. This is my nightmare.

At the moment, i’ve got it started, and that induces me on to the only bad thing that i have to say. But i guess it applies to all electrical scooters that have pneumatic tires and that’s that reforming a tire on an e-scooter is one of the most annoying things in the world like ever. Like words cannot describe the carry-on. I had varying this inner tube by myself, but you know i got it done eventually. It made me about at least three hours of blood, sweat and tears, but thankfully varla does give you a spare inner tube with the scooter almost as if they know.

What’S going to happen anyway, but yeah you get the free internal, tube and yeah changing attire was not recreation, i got it done. I got it done and that’s why my refresh video proving to be exactly a first impressions, video, because i should be focusing on building amends right now , not scooter amends. This supermarket that i made over has been nothing but bloody brain damage. However, as soon as it’s completed, i will be returning with another viral video. I want to do some array tests on this abuse it a little and see how well it comprises up, but for now should you buy one of these?

How do i made this? The ordinance says no, so probably no. You should never burst the law, but let’s say like hypothetically or something like it really comes down to. Where you live. I imply i’m pretty lucky because my first few years reviewing e-scooters was in newcastle upon tine from there.

You can take keysight bike streets, follow coastal paths without a few problems. There’S lots of places in the northeast to have electrical scooter jaunts without resounding any panics. It really is important that you don’t act like a geek on them, be responsible, be safe. You know i’m not telling anyone to go break the law, i’m just telling you what what i do and why i do it and giving you my opinion likewise down in newcastle. The police would participate me many times and exactly never give me a second look, which only gave me more confidence to keep going patiently waiting for our laws to catch up with the rest of the world.

You know i’m living in scotland now and it’s pretty much. The same thing here: lots of wilderness countryside coastal street – if i’m careful, i should be all right, as i’ve said already, it’ll really be a casey, the wrong lieu at the wrong day and it’ll be tournament over bye-bye, bye scooter. So what i should mention before signing off is that, if you think this scooter is a bit too much for your requirements, then varla are just about to release a brand new scooter which has actually been designed for the european market. It’S called the varla pegasus and you know it’s a fair part cheaper at only 1099 u.s. dollars. So that’s about 800 quid has a top speedy 28 miles per hour, which is still bloody good and it’s got a range of 28 miles and it’s got well-made solid, tires and steady breeze filled.

It’S a really cool, gazing machine with some superb specs, and i highly feed anyone in the uk to go and look at this before buying something, maybe as over the top as this, but like each to their own. I approximate associations for everything will be in the description below i don’t imagine. Varla are going to send me a pegasus anytime soon, but if they do you’ll be first to know about it, i’m going to call it a daylight guys all right. I’Ve been, “i m feeling”, like i’m just conversation, chat, chat, chat chatting nothing listening by now, i don’t know. I hope this video has been alright for you for now.

Okay, let me go and get my store started up and running and then i’ll have my epoch seasons back to myself, so i can focus on editing proper youtube videos again. If i could have a video out every week, i would but there’s just not enough hours in the day right now i do “ve missed you”. All i’ll, hopefully see you all again real soon until next time guys take care of yourselves, and i will try to make sure that if the police try to make my scooter off me that i’ll at least have the chase captured on camera. Okay, imagine the thumbnail. Can the varla eagle one pas, a british squad car, maybe we’ll soon find out, see you later chaps bye, [, Music, ],[ Applause ], you

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