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Learn About the Confidence, Insecurities and Independent Streak of Young Girls

They’re cuddly and adorable from ages zero to one. During their toddler years, you will definitely have a handful to deal with because they’re just learning to walk and are full of energy. From ages three to five, you may have that anxiety to separate your child from the comfort of home, but it must be done because he or she would already be in preschool and kindergarten. At ages six to eight, you will begin to see more of your child’s personality and the dreaded tween and teenage years will begin.

Wanna Raise a Happy, Confident, Young Daughter? The Ultimate Set of Tips for Parents

What was your first reaction when you first learned that you were going to raise a baby girl? For first time parents, having a girl instead of a boy definitely gets a lot of protective thoughts into the mind. You would want to treat her like a princess, but you would not want her to grow up into a selfish brat, either. So how can you create that delicate balance between the two? It’s all about trying your best to raise a happy, confident young daughter. Read on to find out how you can do exactly that.

Do You Have a Daughter Who’s a Loner? Encourage Her to Socialize With Peers

Parenting can definitely be a challenge especially if you see one of your kids growing up to be a loner. Let’s say that you have a small family and you only have one daughter. It may be quite difficult for you to surround your child with other kids of the same age simply because relatives live far away from you, or you don’t have a big set of relatives to begin with. The result of this is that your child may grow up to become a loner, and not know how to act when in a big crowd or even in a small group at school. It this situation applies to you, read on to find out how you can encourage your daughter to socialize more with her peers.

What Every Parent Should Know: Detecting the Early Signs of Bullying

From the time that your child is a newborn to the years before attending preschool, you can pretty much gain control of the experiences that your kid is having. It is during these development years that you may offer the best, most sheltered environment for your child. But once your kid goes to school, you will have less control of the situation. What if your daughter has an unfortunate encounter with a bully? What if your son physically hurts himself while interacting with other kids on the school playground?

What Can I Do to Raise the Self-Esteem of My 7-Year-Old Daughter?

When you’re a parent, there are a lot of sources of information that you can use when getting advice on how to raise your kids. You can go online, read books, even consult child psychologists or refer to how your own parents raised you. But no matter how much information you gathered, the end decision would still be yours as the parent. It’s virtually impossible not to make a mistake along the way especially if you are a first time parent. But as long as you have your child’s interest at heart, you should be alright.

Parenting – Surviving The Temper Tantrum

Dealing with temper tantrums in young children. How to successfully manage an angry child when you’re at your wits end!

How to Have Fun at Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party Games

Your baby’s 1st birthday is a milestone, marking the end of his infancy as he transitions into a toddler. Although you may be a bit teary-eyed, his 1st birthday is a time of celebration and happiness.

Science Bee Awards for Students

Last year, our innovative fifth grade teachers decided to hold a Science Bee, with the winning student receiving a pack of creative awards made from basic science supplies. I was given the task of transforming the supplies, which included: laboratory goggles, a composition notebook, a magnifying glass and a pencil, into fun, flashy tools that the kids could get excited about. Read more…

What Are Zombies?

Zombies are a popular monster among fancy dress, films, computer games and more, but no one actually knows what they really are. Obviously zombies are flesh eating people who are undead and wander the Earth with no other purpose than to eat the flesh of the living, but what causes this bizarre behaviour.

Zero Tolerance for Bullying? I Don’t Think So

Bullying is still rampant in schools. Schools are failing to follow their own zero tolerance policies.

How Sleepaway Summer Camp Empowers Your Child

If you are sending your children to summer camp for the first time then you may be feeling anxious. Will they make friends? Will they be homesick? Should you have waited another year? Stop worrying. Sleepaway camp is a great way to empower your children and teach them how to become independent. The experiences they have at summer camp will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

How Do You Know When Your Child Needs Extra Academic Help?

As parents, we always want what is best for our children. We do not want to see them struggle in school. However, how do we know when we should seek outside assistance? Should we tutor them ourselves? Should we ask the teacher for help? This article will provide some guidance to parents that are dealing with students having difficulty in school.

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