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Top 5 Fun Games for Kids

How to keep children entertained while ensuring their safety and learning is a big question for many parents. However with some deliberations and a little planning you can entertain your children especially toddlers by introducing them to simple and interesting games which will keep them amused and at the same time they will learn new things. These games can include both indoor games like board or computer games and outdoor games like soccer.

10 Ways to Entertain Kids During Their Siblings’ Activities

Parents often find themselves in a gym, at a dance studio or on a field with one child while the other child has a practice or a game. Here are some ideas about how to keep the waiting sibling happy and busy.

5 Benefits Of Meditation For Students Of All Ages

The practice of meditation has helped with all different types of people to improve themselves in countless different ways. I believe it’s safe to say the benefits of meditation for students are just as abundant and can help them through their academic career. From elementary on through to high school, college and beyond, meditation can help students with the pressures from school and life in general.

Helping Children Connect to Their Emotions Through Poetry and Nature

In this quiet activity, children connect to their feelings by assigning human emotions to the different things they see around them in nature. Children learn to describe emotions in this brief, poetic exercise.

The Best Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooters have been all the rage over Christmas. This article will list and detail the best stunt scooters to buy and why.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Cool Games for Kids

A lot of parents seem confused when it comes to selecting games for your kids. Safety and learning are the biggest ingredients every parent is looking for in games. On the other hand if you allow your kids to select the games themselves they will flock for the loudest, dangerous and irritating game first. However with planning and by following a few principles you can introduce your kids to simple, interesting and cool games which will keep them amused and they will learn new things.

Free Online Math Resources for Kids

Sesame Street Games: What’s not to love when you have Elmo teaching you how to count? With interactive games featuring the beloved Sesame Street characters, this site is a great start for toddlers and preschoolers to learn basic math skills like number and shape recognition, counting, measuring etc. There is an option at the bottom of the page that lets you filter the content by activity and age so you can find what’s right for your child.

Things That Teenagers Are Addicted To

It is every parent’s nightmare to learn that their teenage son or daughter is addicted to something. Teenage addiction can be in different forms. Parents have already been warned about the negative effects of drug and alcohol addiction in the lives of teenagers. However, parents need to understand that teenage addiction does not only evolve in drug and alcohol use. There are several things that some teenagers are becoming addicted to. Most of these addictions are brought by the changes by the modern society and today’s digital world.

Packing The Perfect Healthy Lunch Box

As a parent, one of the main things that you will be aware of is the need to keep your kids healthy. There is so much information in the media about childhood obesity at the moment that all parents feel under an increasing amount of pressure to ensure that their child is eating a healthy and well balanced diet. One of the areas where this can easily be addressed is in packed lunches. It would be easy to just put together a few prepacked snacks, but this is not always particularly healthy. The following tips will help you to create the perfect packed lunch to keep your kids happy and healthy!

Teaching Kids About Successes and Failures – Confessions of a Proud Dad

In my efforts to build my son’s confidence and condition him to strive for success, I neglected to remember that the true meaning of success is not just winning, but how one responds to failure. In this article, I describe how I came to realise this, and how I set out to change it.

Censorship – Is It Necessary When Involving Kids?

Censorship is the institution, system, or practice of censoring. A censor is a person who supervises conduct and morals by examining publications or films for objectionable content. In other words, you are not free to peruse films, publication or listen to speech that is questionable, objectionable or harmful to morality and decency.

Bullying – From My Perspective

A perspective on bullying. My thoughts, opinions etc.

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