Is there a misinformation war against electric cars?

Clickbait. Headlines. Shares. In the modern world it’s impossible to escape the viral article titles that are having a growing impact on public knowledge.

It’s dangerous, not least in a world where we are fighting an uphill battle against cleaning up our air and saving the climate.

Rich debunks one of the big myths of recent times: Are tailpipe emissions better than tyre particulate pollution?

0:00 Setting the scene…
0:50 Are Tyres the problem?
2:23 Research reveals wrongs
6:45 What’s the TL;DR here?
7:10 The way forwards

#ev #electriccar #pollution #climatechange

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Quad Bikes

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Quad Bike Tyres – What is Legal and What’s Not!

Finding the right tire for the job is always going to be hard when seeing a specialist store. When you require to transform a tire, just keep in mind that you have the devices. We’re simply uncertain the other half will concur totally when she sees you leaving the cooking area with her finest irons.

Quad Bike “Night Riding” Tips!

Although there is no law concerning keeping noticeable whilst riding at evenings, it is constantly good technique to see to it that other road customers can see you. There have been situations where a light bulb has blown in the rear light, and also that on it’s very own could show to be an indication of why you ought to be visible.

Quad Bike Helmets – Which Helmets to Look For

Whilst there is no legislation regarding the putting on of a safety helmet on a Quad Bike or ATV, there needs to be a sense of stupidness if you don’t use one. Here are a few top ideas for people who ride Quad Bikes as well as ATV’s.

Advanced Winching Tips For Off Road Recovery – How to Dig a Dead Man Anchor

Possibly you have actually existed before. You’ve been riding hard for the last couple hours, conquering rocks, mud, and limited spots until instantly you discover yourself great and stuck, as well as no amount of pressing, drawing, or cursing will certainly make your vehicle move. You have actually got a winch. The trouble is there’s not a rock, tree, or stump visible as well as no pal around to pull you out. How are you mosting likely to discover an anchor point to winch out? Roll up your sleeves and also prepare to move some dust. It’s time to dig a dead male.

Quad Bike – ATV Security

Among the simplest systems to fit to any Quad Bike – ATV – Buggy – MiniMoto – Agri-Vehicle is the good old Datatag Datadot System or the Datatg DNA. Datatag have been functional currently for years as a matter of fact, I still bear in mind the old bikes two decades ago being fitted with this system. That, on it’s very own, must inform you a little regarding the business.

ATV Tips – Should I Get an ATV?

Have you been asking yourself this inquiry over and over again? It’s not just a basic yes or no, I understand. The bright side is, now you can ultimately discover the solution to this concern!

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